The Best Time of Year in Manchester for a Roof Replacement  

Manchester is an area of the UK that sees every kind of bad weather throughout the year. It can be unpredictable, which is an excuse that many people make when trying to find the right time to replace their roof.

Nobody wants to start work on their roof only to be greeted with the extreme rainfall or heavy winds that Manchester is famous for. However, regular maintenance and repair are essential to keep your roof safe and durable. If you have minor issues now, they only stand to get worse the more you leave them for another day.

With our professional experience, let us inform you of the best times of year to replace your roof or carry out important roof repairs with Manchester roofing companies.

Spring and Summer

Let’s start where we are right now in the Spring season. With it being Manchester, this season sees more than its fair share of rainfall. However, it is also the best time of the year for weather – as dreary a thought that is.

When it comes to roofing, the weather plays a major part in considering your roofing project and it can go either way day by day. In terms of costs, the spring season leads into the early summer is the most cost-effective period. Late in the summer, temperatures and humidity will play a much larger factor that could lead to several additional days added to a project – mainly due to the amount of time that roofers can spend on a roof.

A professional roofing company will adhere to all safety rules for their workers in conditions of extreme heat and working during it.


Autumn can be the ideal time to get a roof replacement or repair done quickly and efficiently without the weather hassle.

The temperature in the mid-autumn period allows a roof company to spend a full working day without worries of heat, freezing or exhaustion related to either. Autumn is the season that has the right balance to conduct roof replacement before the cold winter months come by. The fresh new roof will also be perfect for welcoming in the winter months and keeping your home secure from the elements and ice buildup.


The worst time of the year to have any roofing work done is the winter. Snow, ice and sleet make it anywhere between extremely difficult to impossible to get roofing work competently and safely in this season.

The big risk with the winter comes with setting roof tiles or sealant adherence due to the extreme cold, which is why any professional roofer will recommend waiting until the spring season and the climate warming up before any work is attempted – unless in an emergency.

There is no time like now to get your roofing project underway. The team at Pinnacle Roof and Build are ready to help make your home safe all year round. Contact our friendly team today and don’t put it off another season.


Working in a high pressure law firm means we often don’t have time to turn our attention to the things that need doing to the building we work in.

Since we occupied our Cheadle offices back in 2017, we have have always had and issue with the flat roof at the back. Any time we have tried to resolve it, we have either been met with unreliable workmen, or extortionate quotes.

Once Brad joined BNI – and after hearing about all the fantastic work he had done for fellow members – we decided to call him in to quote. After attending the offices and providing a very reasonable and detailed quotation, we instructed Pinnacle Roof and Build to replace the flat roof at the office.

Brad and his team always turned up on the days and times stipulated – and if there was ever a change in the schedule, Brad would always let me know in advance.

It wasn’t the easiest of jobs, and Brad and his team were met with a lot of challenges – but despite this, the invoice at the end did not exceed the initial quote, and the works were still completed in time.

All in all, Pinnacle Roof and Build provided a first class service. They went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to family, friends, and business associates.

Zara Reaz | Betesh Middleton – Cheadle

Alex and his team were professional throughout. They arrived on time, delivered the job with no hiccups and completed the job on the day they said they would.
Overall impressed with the work and the workmanship.

J Morris – Woodley.

We first reached out to pinnacle when our roof was leaking last winter which they temporarily repaired.
We then had them back in the spring to re-roof our entire house. Great work lads.

P Bolton – Woodley.

Very high standard of work, gave great advice and provided a second to none service!
Will be using again!

B Council – New Mills.

We decided to use pinnacle roof and build because I thought Brad was very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable about the work we needed doing.
Great company, great set of lads

S Myers – Gee Cross.


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