Using Professionals on Your Roofing Needs

When a qualified roofing company professionally installs your roof, you have a significant investment that benefits your home and bank account. A professionally fitted top adds protection from the elements and efficiency in your energy use. You reap the benefits when you opt for a professional installation of your new or existing roof.

Let’s look at some things a professional roofing installation brings to your home.

Home Value

Investing in a new roof is a positive decision for homeowners looking to increase the value of their homes. As well as it looking great from the exterior, it also showcases that your house is cared for and well-maintained. That presents a boost towards its eventual resale value.

When you have a new roof, potential buyers are satisfied knowing they will not have to fork out a fortune on extensive roof repairs after they buy the property. That alone makes having professional roofing work undertaken a hugely positive boost for your property.

Energy Costs

Investing in a professionally installed roof benefits your home – not just aesthetically but also financially. A top-quality installation makes sure to seal out drafts and air leaks, helping your home to attain better energy efficiency.

That helps to decrease the energy your home uses when heating or cooling, resulting in considerable savings on your utility bills over time. That makes an investment into a new roof installed by a professional one of the best reasons to push ahead.


A professionally fitted roof protects your home from weather damage and improves curb appeal. That is a worthwhile step for homeowners that ultimately creates a value that greatly outweighs the installation costs.

Weather damage in the UK is pretty typical – especially in the winter months with the varying types of weather a traditional winter in the UK sees. Not only will a professional installation provide your home with added protection from the elements –  the added curb appeal gives a boost to a potential sale.

A fresh roof is among the simplest ways to add value before your home hits the market, providing peace of mind for prospective buyers and yourself. With years of experience and expertise, the team at Pinnacle Roof and Build is the qualified roofing company to professionally secure your roof and know the nuances of the materials required for particular climates. Everything from the proper ventilation to keeping water and pests out of your home – our team is the professionally certified choice for homeowners wanting a roofing project done right the first time.

Contact our team today to learn what a Manchester roofing company can do for your home or business.


Working in a high pressure law firm means we often don’t have time to turn our attention to the things that need doing to the building we work in.

Since we occupied our Cheadle offices back in 2017, we have have always had and issue with the flat roof at the back. Any time we have tried to resolve it, we have either been met with unreliable workmen, or extortionate quotes.

Once Brad joined BNI – and after hearing about all the fantastic work he had done for fellow members – we decided to call him in to quote. After attending the offices and providing a very reasonable and detailed quotation, we instructed Pinnacle Roof and Build to replace the flat roof at the office.

Brad and his team always turned up on the days and times stipulated – and if there was ever a change in the schedule, Brad would always let me know in advance.

It wasn’t the easiest of jobs, and Brad and his team were met with a lot of challenges – but despite this, the invoice at the end did not exceed the initial quote, and the works were still completed in time.

All in all, Pinnacle Roof and Build provided a first class service. They went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to family, friends, and business associates.

Zara Reaz | Betesh Middleton – Cheadle

Alex and his team were professional throughout. They arrived on time, delivered the job with no hiccups and completed the job on the day they said they would.
Overall impressed with the work and the workmanship.

J Morris – Woodley.

We first reached out to pinnacle when our roof was leaking last winter which they temporarily repaired.
We then had them back in the spring to re-roof our entire house. Great work lads.

P Bolton – Woodley.

Very high standard of work, gave great advice and provided a second to none service!
Will be using again!

B Council – New Mills.

We decided to use pinnacle roof and build because I thought Brad was very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable about the work we needed doing.
Great company, great set of lads

S Myers – Gee Cross.


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